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Mixed-Income town Home -
Meriden, Connecticut


Meriden Way is designed to feel impactful but still remain relaxed and inviting. The client is an upbeat and constantly active family of four who spends large sums of time out working and going to school but wind down at home. The house is meant to feel airy and filled with movement. Simple elements with statement finishes achieve the intended outcome of a welcoming home. The layout of the home is a curvilinear pathway that reflects the activity surrounding Crown Street. This pathway creates a unique connection throughout each floor. The looping staircase is a central focal point that has influences from the Meriden Green’s Bridge, a short walk from the home.

Tools Used

Hand Drafting
Hand Rendering 
Adobe Photoshop



Visual Inspiration

Modern Cabin on the Lake Photo Tour - Studio McGee.jpeg

schematic design

Criteria Matrix

bubble diagram.png

Relationship Diagram

design development

Design Documents

gg 2.psd1.jpg
gg 1 .jpg123.jpg
gg 2 1.jpg1.jpg
gg 5.psd1.jpg
gg 4.jpg1.jpg
gg 6_edited.jpg

Lower Level Floor & Furniture Plan

Main Level Floor & Furniture Plan

Upper Level Floor & Furniture Plan

process work 1.png
staircase 1 copy_edited.png


Process Work

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